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Mmmm... Good Music by Diverse

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Reviewed on 1st November 2002.


Mmmm... Good Music

By Diverse

Sleeperbloke - if the Wener girl did just one thing for music in the UK, her legacy left us with such a useful term that could be wheeled out every so often to describe bands like Diverse. Diverse are Kay Wilkinson. Without Kay, I fear Diverse would fail at the very first hurdle. With her and at least they have a fighting chance of gaining and keeping at least local respect. She is the vocal fore of the band, a booming voice that will either draw you in or see you running. It's classic rock country. Kay makes it so though. Underneath it is indistinguishable melodic indie pop (though heavier than I remember them live, which is a good thing), but she is given prominence as if she were Meatloaf and this helps to deflect the focus away from the music and onto her. Generally middling, not great and not bad though the middle ground isn't to be ashamed of. You have to remember that this year there are likely to be literally hundreds of demo recordings produced with this quality of songwriting and musicianship; good enough to raise a eyebrow, albeit momentarily, but not good enough to leave many with a lasting impression. Kay leaves an impression, so if you raise enough eyebrows perhaps... well, who knows?



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