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Sounds From Small Town by Purple Orm

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Reviewed on 1st July 2001.


Sounds From Small Town

By Purple Orm

Apart from the name I have little to complain about Purple Orm. This 3 piece from Castleford (I'm guessing) have a steady rock and roll sound that is likeable enough on this 3 song CD. There are a variety of influences creeping in from Reef to Shed Seven and their song writing is more than competent with enough variation to keep me interested. Underlying all of this the sound has a definite maturity and the production is polished.

The strongest track by a long way is the first, "Face behind the curtain" with its pushy chorus and choppy verses. But although it stands out above the others, it suffers only a partially less from the symptoms that the rest of the songs show. At times I can't help thinking that if Purple Orm were a little more imaginative with their songs dynamics it would have a huge benefit on their music. As amiable as it is there is a very one-dimensional sound to the band and I imagine it would stop the less familiar listener coming back to them.

With maybe a few changes and perhaps adding some backing vocals these songs could be up there and so to could Purple Orm but at the moment they are destined to linger in that small town band image playing half decent songs in crap pubs that don't appreciate them. Oh and one last thing...sort the artwork out guys it's bad with a capital B!!



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