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Love Is Hell Pt.2 by Ryan Adams

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Reviewed on 2nd January 2004.


Love Is Hell Pt.2

By Ryan Adams

The second instalment of Ryan Adams' 'Love Is Hell' sessions, his original attempt to follow up 'Gold', rejected by the record label for being too depressing and dark, opens with 'My Blue Manhattan'. A piano based ballad that eases the listener in to the darkness; "it's you against me most days". Adams returns to his early Whiskeytown days with 'Please Do Not Let Me Go', the gentle strum of acoustic guitar complimented by the sweet slide of another guitar. 'City Rain City Streets' begins with an arpeggio guitar before the E-Street esque jangle of guitar takes over. The joviality of the tune belies the dark lyrics that sneak in at the end as the melody descends into something altogether darker and much more discordant, the repetition of the three lines "I will miss you, I fucked you over a million times, you died". Back to his old self then. Both of the 'Love Is Hell' EPs will certainly appeal to Adams fans who prefer him sticking to familiar alt.country territory, 'English Girls Approximately' staking a claim as favourite from this selection, its sweet vocal melody tugging at Adams' Carolina drawl; "My little dove flew and I'm guessing she was done with me...said you didn't love me, that you didn't want a thing, English girls can be so mean".

'Hotel Chelsea Nights' officially closes proceedings, warm vibes transport you to a smoke filled room whilst Adams nurses a whiskey glass and croons out this truly beautiful song. It would make the perfect companion to a little self-pity. There are two bonus tracks on the UK version of this disc, the first one being 'Fuck The Universe' with distorted vocals trying to drown out distorted guitars trying to drown out distorted vocals. You can only imagine Adams was hurting like hell and under the influence of a variety of drugs and alcohol as he spills his anger and pain out into the microphone; "I'm a faker, I'm a faker". It's not something that hardcore 'Heartbreaker' fans may necessarily warm to but it embraces Adams' rock n roll side and may appeal to those who enjoyed 'Rock n Roll' more than Adams' earlier offerings. And for those who liked none of it, "Fuck you and fuck the univerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrse!!!!!"



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On 6th June 2004 at 12:26 Anonymous 2671 wrote...

shame fuck the universe wasn't on the love is hell album. maybe its a fuck you to all those that didn't buy the 2 eps.



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