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Untitled by Tricky Nixon

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Reviewed on 8th January 2004.



By Tricky Nixon

Richard Nixon would be proud. At last, something good with his surname. This 3 track EP from Manchester quartet Tricky Nixon is mighty impressive. Clocking in at just over eight minutes, it's obvious that they don't mess about.

Melodic, sprightly and full of energy, it's bright, bold and kicks some arse in the process. The guitars chug, the singing sneers and the drums are big and loud. It's a refreshing burst of good rock action, and according to their press release, they toured with Canadian rock troupe Broken Social Scene. That's made me like them even more.

The first track, 'Taking The Bait', is great. In fact, all three songs here are all great, but this track is perhaps the best. A delightfully fuzzed up rock nugget, right down to the boy/girl harmonies, the loud guitar riff with the melody seemingly dripping out of the speakers, and most importantly, the 2 chord guitar lead. Sweet.

Second track 'Jelly' is another brilliantly melodic little number. At just over 1 and a half minutes, it's straight to the point, and does its stuff before things get too tiresome. Loud and brash, it's a sleazy, gritty stomp of a song that could possibly have been made by PJ Harvey, circa 'Rid Of Me' if she'd lightened up a bit. Classy.

Last track is the confusingly titled 'You're So Money'. Going for the 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it' routine, this last track is more of the same gloriously rocked up sleaze. Complete with soaring chorus, distorted vocals and that old familiar guitar sound, Tricky Nixon say goodbye like they said hello- with guitars turned up, and attitude turned up even higher. It's loud, it's proud and if this CD is anything to go by, they might just make it big one day.



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