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Comfort In Sound by Feeder

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Reviewed on 13th January 2004.


Comfort In Sound

By Feeder

After a hugely successful year, including headlining the NME stage at V2003 and supporting REM in Europe, Feeder sign off with the title track from superb 'Comfort In Sound'. Taking a mix of sadness, loss, tragedy and anger following the death of drummer Jon Lee, Feeder sprung back with the same melodies they have been producing since 1997's 'Polythene but now had stronger lyrics to give Grant Nicholas' voice a platform to conquer those who didn't catch on earlier.

The gentle pulse of the drums lets the song drift along at its own pace as guitars and synths float around it until an explosion of emotion lets Nicholas unleash the band's most radio friendly chorus since 'High'. Lyrically it's obviously influenced by the pain Jon Lee was feeling prior to his death and that felt by those he left behind. It's the kind of subject matter that can often easily slip into tacky sentimentality but Nicholas' subtle lyricism takes a deft sidestep around the uneducated whilst dealing a heartfelt hammer blow to the chest of those who appreciate the poignancy of the vocal. A band that could have lost it all have risen majestically with some of the finest singles of 2003 and this is a fitting epitaph. Comfort In Sound indeed.



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