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Reviewed on 14th January 2004.



By Emmet

After reviewing rock bands for the last few months, it's an unexpected change of direction that sees me listening to this 4 track CD by dance trio Emmet. Based in the North West of England, Emmet look like they could go places. Hey, any band which sends in a DVD along with a CD for me to review has to be pretty good.

The CD opens with 'Opinicus', which sounds like it could have been left off an Underworld album from a few years back. High tempo electro beats thump, dirty, squelchy synth riffs are all over the place, and some crazy tin pan percussion is being beaten to death in the background. It's all a high-class mixture, which brings to mind the better end of the dance music market (I had visions of this CD being, dare I say it, pop trance). It's a funky mixture of beats and bleeps, which makes for a decent start to any CD.

Next track 'Too Much Love' is a kind of 80s synthy pop funk number. Sounding very decidedly French in nature, it's a classy slice of up- tempo dance. Vocodered vocals (think 'One More Time' by Daft Punk in that respect), the driving rhythms and the distorted synth riffs all collide in a musical mish mash of styles to create a not unpleasant listen. Not the best, but still pretty cool.

Third track 'Felicity Bangg' is more dancefloor orientated, with its crystal clear vocals, funky beats and very bouncy synth riffs, it's obviously tailored for DJs needing extra floor fillers. It's not my favourite, it has to be said, but it saves itself by only being 3 minutes long.

Final track 'Maastricht' is most definitely the best on here. Atmospheric synths whirl, the beats just managing to trickle out of the speakers, with the melodic main synth riff soaring over it all. Think the last track on a Chemical Brothers album that never got made, and you're halfway there. Gorgeously laid back, it's a beautifully effective slice of electro ambience. Top stuff.

To be honest, before I listened to it, I had my doubts, but Emmet have proven themselves with their brand of high class dance music, aimed just as much for the bedroom as the dancefloor.



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