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May the officers fall first by Flailing Wail

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Reviewed on 14th January 2004.


May the officers fall first

By Flailing Wail

Flailing Wail hark from the South Wales valleys, a place at the moment that seems to be kicking out some of the poorest sounding Victory Records-inspired Jock Emo I've ever had the misfortune to hear. Bands likes Lost Prophets and the truly diabolical Funeral For A Friend, so as you can appreciate I was some what sceptical of how good this release was going to be and to be honest there's not too much to wail about.

Pretty formulaic generic emo metal in the vein of thousands of other bands on the circuit at the moment you know the type, chuggy metal guitar breaks, one singy bloke one screamy bloke just sounds like Thrice or any number of other boring American emo metal bands, I'm sorry but I'm boring myself now. I'm now going to turn this off and listen to Discharge all night long, really I am.



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On 20th January 2004 at 13:08 Anonymous 1654 wrote...

WTF! Flailing Wail isn't emo. Do you even have ears? There's only one singer and he is the ryhthym guitarist. On the same page you've reviewed brand new and given them 4 stars?! What a load of emo crap this site is!


On 21st January 2004 at 12:24 Anonymous 1186 wrote...

HAHA! this reply just smacks of sour grapes. if you are a member of this band i have one thing to say to you if you dont want a bad review dont record bad music. And by the way this is Textbook victory records sounding metal influenced emo, if you cant recognise that then its obvious its you with the hearing problem.


On 21st January 2004 at 12:29 Anonymous 1186 wrote...

ps. forgive my ignorance but when there are dual vocals in place i often make the mistake of thinking there would be 2 singers? but i guess thats just me being daft. one singer or 2 he was still shit.


On 3rd April 2004 at 01:59 Anonymous 2318 wrote...

if you think there are dual vocals on this cd then it's clearly you with the hearing problem, ;)



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