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For Love Nor Money EP by Glazed

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Reviewed on 23rd January 2004.


For Love Nor Money EP

By Glazed

Here we have three tracks that could be heard anywhere across the land. Grungy punk rock is the order of the day but there's neither the tunes nor the talent to match the enthusiasm here. The only ear catching moments are the messy drum fills that punctuate the end of each phrase. The "alriiights!" that fill opener 'For Love Nor Money' may have worked had the band been from Noo Yoik but somehow here it's just not in the same league. It's unremarkable, average fare with no signs of individual flair to help elevate Glazed from the million other bands ambling along playing power chords. The guitar lines lack invention and the vocal melodies won't annoy you 'cos you can't get them out of your head. It's played with spirit but unfortunately there are no points for that in this game.



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