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Pigs In Their Farms by The Unisex

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Reviewed on 24th January 2004.


Pigs In Their Farms

By The Unisex

Something's happening in Europe. I guess it was always coming, but after years of exporting nothing but throwaway pop trash, those wacky Europeans are finally delivering something great. Norway gave us the acoustic folk of Kings of Convenience, while also delivering Röysksopp, Denmark's resurgence with Nu, Mew and Junior Senior, Germany's art punks Robocop Kraus, Millionaire and dEUS from Belgium, hell, even Iceland rocks nowadays.

And so enter The Unisex, a Stockholm-based sextuplet who look and sound every bit the rock'n'roll band. It's melodic, it's soaring and it's got all the bases covered. You want ear bleedingly good production values? You got it. You want melody dripping from your speakers? You got that too. You want one of those chorus moments that won't go out of your head for days? You came to the right place and you bought the right CD. 'Pigs & Their Farms' is one of those blisteringly beautiful moments in music that rocks, but without being too familiar. It's a refreshing burst of indie riffage with the kind of drumming that makes you look like an idiot trying to play it on an invisible drum kit in your front room, and even the singing is excellent too, soaring and tuneful, it's easily the best voice you'll hear from Sweden for a long time. It maybe a little predictable, but when it's as good as this, it doesn't matter at all. And that was only the first track.

'Mushrooms And Broccoli' is an upbeat rock'n'roll stomp, complete with bar room piano tinkling and handclaps. It's still pretty good, but not as spine tingingly awesome as the first one. Still, it's a joyful little number, and bright enough to have your head nodding along.

The last track is the Archive remix of the title track, and trust me on this, it rocks. I know what you're thinking - remixes on singles are usually just time fillers, rehashes of a perfectly good tune, but Archive totally break the song down, and build it up again in their unmistakable style of atmospheric organ playing and funky breakbeats, mixed with cut up vocals. This is what a remix should sound like - different from the original in as many ways as possible, but still retaining the original's sense of melody and style. It's fucking ace, there's no two ways about it. Similar, in some respects, to Archive's awesomely brilliant single 'Again'. Watch out for this lot, The Unisex are most definitely onto something...



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