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From Your Favourite Sky by I Am Kloot

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Reviewed on 25th January 2004.


From Your Favourite Sky

By I Am Kloot

I like a good heartbreak song. For years I thought that Tony Bennett was the only man alive who could sing it better than anyone else, and I've yet to be proven otherwise, but this bunch of Mancunian misfits come damn close. I was told that no one does them better than indie band I Am Kloot (how's that for a band name?!), so it's a welcome bit of coincidence that their new single 'From Your Favourite Sky' lands on my doorstep. The ingredients for a good heartbreak song are melancholy by the bucket load, quirky lyrics that aren't afraid to be either funny or totally miserable, and last but not least, a frontman who you know has been through the misery as described in the song.

This single has all of those, and more. The lyrics are sewn with brilliant little rhyming couplets like "You posses / S'aviour faire / Put cheap bleach in your hair", all sung in that rich northern accent. Old school indie seems to be growing hipper by the day, with a massive arsenal of Johnny Marr influenced bands knocking about recently. Maybe a whole generation of kids have finally discovered old Smiths LPs in their older brothers record collection or something. That, or the fact that MTV2 plays nothing but The Cure all day. Bands from the 1990s were pretty miserable, but very few of them could get away with a chorus of "So what is love? / And who am I / To dare to pull the stars from your favourite sky".

With lyrics like that, you could just write off I Am Kloot as a miserable student indie band, but while their guitars jangle minor chords rather than chug power chords, I Am Kloot are purveyors of the most beautiful melodies, drenched in the kind of dreamy melancholy that could give birth to the lines "Do you dare take a breath? / Do you dream of a tragic death?" It's misery Jim, but not as we know it...



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