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6 Song EP by Revelation Theory

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Reviewed on 8th February 2004.


6 Song EP

By Revelation Theory

The first 29 seconds of this 6 track EP from US newbies Revelation Theory sounds pretty damn good. Consisting of hard, dirty drop D riffage and that unmistakably 'fat' American drum sound. And then the singing starts. Bugger. Imagine that guy from InMe, only more annoying and with worse lyrics. "So loud / inside my head / these little voices calling me". It doesn't end there though, as the cringingly pretentious press release makes certain - "We feel that Revelation Theory has completed the developmental phase of their project and is now ready to be officially released to the public". What the fuck? Is this a band or a new BMW?! Come back David Brent, all is forgiven!

Another thing the press release mentions is that the artist management company behind the band actually manufactured it around the lead singer. OK, this is all starting to worry me... it's pretty formulaic stuff, as the third track here 'Fade' shows rather well. It's the first track to deal with dynamics. That's right, it's the slow start, and the anthemic chorus mashed together for the sake of FM radio. In fact, this all sounds so very American, you can just imagine some 16-year-old jock called Brett listening to this before he discovers emo.

Of course, the music is well produced, as American studios and producers have a knack of making sure that everything is in its right place, but it's so obvious and so blindingly college rock that all you'll want to do when it's over is to put Bright Eyes back on, and try to get that aftertaste out of your mouth so to speak. The singer sometimes sounds like Eddie Vedder in his younger days, with that deep throated drawl-cum-scream he did so well, but it really can't make up for the shocking lack of originality. All the tunes on here sound exactly the same to be honest, and they didn't include a separate track listing either, so the song names are on the CD. Pity that as I'm listening to it, I can't read the title. Oh screw it; let's have a look. Yep, thought so. 'Full Circle', 'Fade', 'Save Yourself', 'All I Have' and so on...

Having said all of this, I'm sure they'll be a massive success in the US, and then go on to shift bucket loads of records to depressed teenagers everywhere. Hey, if Dashboard Confessional can do it, so can this lot. If you know an angsty 16-year-old who pretends not to like nu-metal, then this is the CD for you.



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