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Rome and Step On It by The Fencott Disaster

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Reviewed on 17th February 2004.


Rome and Step On It

By The Fencott Disaster

Four-track EP from these boys - 4 songs of NY garage influenced post punk, not a bad effort, some of the guitar work is quite interesting with the dual lead thing going on and with the bass rumbling away in the back makes for an ok listen. The song structure seems pretty basic, so basic that the first song sounds like mid 80s Oi! I don't know if it's just me on that last point but that's what it sounds like.

Second track has a little more promise with the introduction of another vocal, sounding a spit of Stuart Gray from Crunt and Lubricated Goat fame, the up-tempo rock of this song and the nice guitar work wins me over (now I'm rethinking the first song, does it really sound like shitty Oi? Well yes it does, it can't be just me...) Third track in and the guitar work is starting to grate. Repetitive lyrics and mediocre at best guitar riffs don't do it any favours. Last track and I'm thinking, "have I pressed repeat on the 3rd track??" Sounds the same, same vocal style, same music pattern, same same same.

Not a bad effort but I'm sure this could be so much better, Also next time when you record don't go for the recording with a four track in a biscuit tin style, it just sounds shit.



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