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When we won't have to make the freezing scene no more by Youthmovie Soundtrack Strategies

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Reviewed on 17th February 2004.


When we won't have to make the freezing scene no more

By Youthmovie Soundtrack Strategies

Some extravagant praise comes ahead of this CD. So I'm on my guard.

But fear not. It's pretty not bad. And despite the slightly random name generator that sticks "Youthmovie Soundtrack Strategies" into a pile of fur ball and spit on your tongue I can imagine huge amounts of fun at their gig in Leeds on the 19th of this very month.

The sound behind this seven minute song is built from tumbling twin guitar and bass phrases that get well into the foothills of Explosions in the Sky territory, with elements of Criteria, Dugong and some of the Leeds C&R stalwarts like Brown Owl. There's also some nervous screaming whenever you don't expect it. Compression prevents appreciation of the volume surges, but I guess the live set involves a bit of Biffy Clyro-like noise terrorism.

If you're just starting to think whether you ought to start getting into this new post-everything Constellation/Bella Union sort of stuff now that emo is just getting tedious, Youthmovie Soundtrack Strategies wouldn't be a bad place to start. They aren't going to scare you off with anything too demanding and there are plenty of sonic highlights to go "WOOOH" at. They don't stick with any particular idea too long (even within the one song), so there's always something fresh to have a taste of.

Other reviews have ominously mentioned Tortoise and And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead. But on the strength of nothing more than the sound of this CD the lads are fans of some of the bigger cool names, without having much of their own to add just yet. The most distinctive thing is a distant and pleasantly echoey guitar sound on some of the licks.

Dear reader, please forgive me if I sound a bit pissy about this band. They are doing a good job of playing music that I like and all credit to them for not going straight for the NME house style. The trouble for me is that there are dozens of seriously well developed artists in this section of the record store who haven't had a decent airing yet and this recording doesn't really justify a leap up the queue. Kerrang! have apparently written "staggering sonic experimentation" which ends up making some modestly keen and interesting young lads look just a bit ridiculous.

Nevertheless, I'm confident there will be many very happy bunnies at their Vine show this week.



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