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Reviewed on 17th February 2004.



By Franz Ferdinand

With a top three single (Take Me Out) there inevitably comes "hype" and with that greatest of all evils you can be assured of quite a few things: half the population loves you because you are the next best thing since the last; half the population hates you for the same reason; there's huge expectation put on your debut album and you're guaranteed some classic journalistic bandwagon jumping - for instance if you have read previously that Franz Ferdinand sound like The Strokes that is simply cobblers. They share the same "cool" but so do many others.

Franz Ferdinand capture the current need for image and attitude but more importantly mix it with some neat song penning skills. The album draws on a sound that combines subtle blends from Talking Heads, Orange Juice to Blondie. All of it is done with contemporary angular guitar stabbing and a penchant for slipping in unexpected timings and disco beats. For 95% of the album it works a treat and the 5% where it doesn't is soon forgotten.

The now indie anthem "Take Me Out" naturally stands proud but is flanked by some inspired stuff such as the art-house "The Dark of the Matinee", or the killer bass line intro of album opener "Jacqueline" and I defy you not to be singing "Ich heisse super fantastiche" having heard "Darts of pleasure" a couple of times.

It's intelligent stuff and hopefully marks a return to some clever music. Sadly we may have to wait a while for more from Franz Ferdinand as the other thing hype means is the inevitable 2 years having every last penny squeezed out by the record company, by which time we'll probably be sick of them anyway.



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On 6th June 2004 at 12:19 Anonymous 2671 wrote...

Bassist is from Bradford if i remember correctly.



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