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The Fallout by This Holiday Life

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Reviewed on 20th February 2004.


The Fallout

By This Holiday Life

This Holiday Life are almost too knowingly good. Only an American band, and a Californian band at that, could be so unashamedly mellow and well produced, while singing such nifty songs with such passion and style. Mike Quarry will die when he hears this stuff.

The CD has six songs, ringing with guitars and harmonies and big thick bass lines. The sumptuously full sound was engineered by (hey Mike!) the drummer. Writing and playing credits are shared between Scott Anderson, vocals and guitar, Bobby Anderson, bass, Mark Nagel, drums and Joseph Freeman on guitars and background vocals.

Your reaction to it will depend on how puritanical you are about your personalcore ethic. After listening to loads of English skinny boys who want to be respected as band members but who can't wring the musical cat out of any bag, no matter how threadbare, it's a joy to wallow in a CD that trembles and twitches with tunes and harmonies and big thunderous guitar/bass/drum noise. Coldplay, U2, Travis, the Jayhawks - anyone whose got something good and mainstream going for them have clonish bits within the stuff that The Holiday Life are doing. But that is NOT bad. In this case.

They do it with confidence and honesty and their own tunes and words. Maybe they're too big hearted for England. The NME will hate them deeply. But Mr Art Underground here says, just enjoy it. It's euphoric and it has great guitars and the drums pound away like Bon Jovi or something, with spicy little stabs of postpost interstingness to tickle jaded people like me. I think some girls will like it too.

So there.



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