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Reviewed on 21st February 2004.



By The Slate Pipe Banjo Draggers


"all songs have been made by collecting sounds from places and countries, playing instruments, sampling music and talking. the sounds recorded have then been placed in a computer and made into songs" - the slate pipe banjo draggers CD sleeve.

"this review has been made by collecting words from pages and threads adding words, listening to music and typing. the words produced have then been placed in a computer and made into a review" - Sam Saunders review

Close up steam trains in Samoa. Children at playtime, drum loops persuade (and pervade) those sessions to see daylight. You suddenly find yourself elevated, elevated, elevated, elev ... three or four times in sections of the one song if you get on their wavelength.

They (it's a him really) have/has succeeded hands down by keeping it inventive with a heart - and, like drum/bass pulse so pretty it seems to borrow its opening from a summer's afternoon show at Glastonbury. In my opinion, leaving a trail of leaves and twigs and concertina from a creative and unique spark. This enticing stuff by Andrew Roe. Mention the website address, perhaps having some of the music used in advertising or films.

"Unambient" like a dentist drill with a holocaust choir. "Special Brew" from agricultural equipment noise, "Dry Meat on Tenerife" is the divers diverse heart beat. "Whip cymbal river" word sound music attention snapping. "Zero mike" is a crowd in a distant cathedral of musical chimes. So, "sand or amber"? chanting and Japanese schoolchildren. "Words fail me". not literally. Metaphorically. I fail words. Literally, not metaphorically. They seem barely enough to appreciate the beautiful waves.

I didn't mention the website address. The web pages are great. Bee 4



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On 22nd February 2004 at 20:43 Anonymous 1200 wrote...

superb review, much enjoyed.


On 23rd February 2004 at 21:03 Anonymous 1279 wrote...

Excellent journalism.



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