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Live at Sin-e' by Jeff Buckley

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Reviewed on 23rd February 2004.


Live at Sin-e'

By Jeff Buckley

As fans we usually sigh at the news of another reissusing of one of our favourite CDs. Knowing that as a dedicated fan we are going to fork out again for a CD we already own but with one whole extra bonus live track that was recorded in Nigeria in 1987 . However this time its not the case.

Jeff Buckley's Live at Sin-e' was originally a 4 track live EP but this baby boasts a whopping 30 extra tracks plus a DVD of live footage and an interview with the man himself. Bargain I hear you cry.

For your money you'll get one of the most intimate live albums you'll every hear with just Jeff and his guitar playing covers to a bunch of people in a small cafe with a few of his own tracks thrown in. On paper it doesn't sound much but the man was a God and this is evident as he runs through music ranging from Van Morrisson to Nusrat Fateh Ali Kahn leaving you breathless by the time you reach the end. But as with any Jeff Buckley CD when it's finished you always feel kind of sad knowing that he's gone.



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On 24th February 2004 at 14:21 Anonymous 883 wrote...

simon? wtf? get off my website!!


On 26th February 2004 at 20:09 Anonymous 1944 wrote...

it's mine now. i'm moving in with your mum next week aswell



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