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Mit Gas by Tomahawk

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Reviewed on 24th February 2004.


Mit Gas

By Tomahawk

Ask some people to name a rock "super group" and their response will usually be Audioslave unless you ask you're grandma who'll probably just look at you funny. Tomahawk however is the name that should spring to mind, a band who describe themselves as a super group that doesn't have any really famous people, but at least the music is good.

The second part is true as their lead singer is none other then "Mr side project" Mike Patton who some how manages to run his own record label and be in about 20 bands at the same time with Mr Bungle and Fantomas to name a few.

The album itself cautiously opens with the sound of church bells ringing and birds whistling making the listener wonder to themselves what's going to happen next. Which is a rare thing these days in the world of modern "rock". What does follow is the most explosive and experimental rock album of 2003. Patton continues to demonstrate his usual fondness for distorting and disrupting his vocals while at the same time moving from operatic screams to fearsome roars. While his other band members are also in fine form.

Strangely the albums most uplifting track is titled "Rape this Day" which is sure to be played on breakfast radio shows up and down the country.

Another winner from the Mike Patton collection.



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On 24th February 2004 at 21:22 Anonymous 1186 wrote...

Quote"Mike Patton who some how manages to run his own record label and be in about 20 bands at the same time with Mr Bungle and Fantomas to name a few." Please name the further 18 Bands, i can come up with 12 bands he has and/or is currently working with.


On 26th February 2004 at 20:08 Anonymous 1944 wrote...

I can't be sure whether Patton is still involved with every project. Anyway here goes Onset Chap:

Mike Patton - Solo Album
Mr Bungle
Dllenger Escape Plan
Secret Chiefs 3
FantomasMelvins Big Band
Faith No More
Pranzo Oltranzista
Houdini De sode
Moon Raker
Perfect victim
Weird Little Boy

that's 16 which is nearly 20


On 26th February 2004 at 21:04 Anonymous 1944 wrote...

Mike Patton - Solo Album, Mr Bungle, Fantomas, Dillenger Escape Plan, Kid606, Tomahawk, Secret Chiefs 3, FantomasMelvins Big Band, Faith No More, Pranzo Oltranzista, Houdini De Sode, Moon Raker, Perfect victim, Lovage, Hemophilliac, Weird Little Boy.
That should be clearer



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