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Never Never Land by Unkle

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Reviewed on 24th February 2004.


Never Never Land

By Unkle

Unkle's previous album, the musical elite showcase, known as Psyence Fiction was the brainchild of dance guru James Lavelle and the mighty DJ Shadow. Together in 2000 they produced a phenomenal album featuring the likes of Thom Yorke and Richard Ashcroft as well as Beastie Boys member Mike D. The guests were good, the music was good, it was all good.

Now it's a few years later and DJ Shadow is nowhere to be seen. Gone is the clever sampling and the unbelievably catchy beats that made you nod your head and tap your feet whether you were in your bedroom or walking down the street. Instead we have repetitive dance beats that we've heard so many times before as we've walked past the dance tent at festivals and smirked at all the yobs dancing like Bez. Of course it was always going to take a lot to fill the void left by DJ Shadow and new boy Richard File comes no where near. Not by a long shot. It also suggests that on the previous album DJ shadow was the real talent, as James Lavelle's role on Never Never Land seems to be over using the "strings" setting on his keyboard.

The only real highlight of the whole album being "Safe in Mind" which features Queens of the Stone Age chief Josh Homme on vocals and songwriting duty. Though this still isn't his best work either.

Would I want to visit Never Land? Not while Michael Jackson's still living there. Never.



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