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What's Your Number by Cypress Hill

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Reviewed on 6th March 2004.


What's Your Number

By Cypress Hill

I bet the remaining members of The Clash are laughing their asses off on a regular basis. Not only do they still have an army of loyal fans after all this time, but pretty much all their more groovy stuff gets sampled. And so enter Cypress Hill. Most commonly known as 'that insane in the brain song' band, they went all nu-metal a few years back and released some really disappointing stuff, culminating in their 2001 album 'Stoned Raiders'.

Three years on, and they look set to release a new album, and with it, this new single. While they seem a million miles away from their seminal 'Black Sunday' LP, they still seem on top of things, as evidenced here. The main crux of the song is a sample of 'The Guns Of Brixton' by The Clash, from their legendary 'London Calling' album. I guess The Clash were onto something in their later years, as a lot of their stuff is sampled by hip hop groups and artists. Although the band should've been hung drawn and quartered for letting Will Smith mangle 'Rock The Casbah' (well, it was the millennium I suppose, it made everyone feel a little odd), they've done considerably better here.

Music geeks will remember that this isn't the first time that 'The Guns Of Brixton' has been sampled. Norman Cook, now Fatboy Slim, but then under the moniker Beats International, ripped the bass line to the song and made 'Dub Be Good To Me'- a classy, down tempo sex groove kind of song.

While this Cypress Hill rendition feels a little shallow, the song is still pretty entertaining. Basically about a guy trying to get a girl's number (hence the snappy title) by impressing her, it seems a far cry from the marijuana and gun toting gangster society that they used to rap so enthusiastically about. Bouncy, lively and full of that youthful exuberance that everyone thought was gone from rap, it's about time that these guys gave modern hip hop a well needed shot in the arm, to save us from the insipid, soul less parody that modern rap music seems to have become. Let's hope they can do it when their new album 'Till Death Do Us Part' is released on the 22nd March.



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