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Lucky Lipstick by Surferosa

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Reviewed on 6th March 2004.


Lucky Lipstick

By Surferosa

"Synth-punk", "funk punk" and "neo-trash-pop" is what they say, and it is true to say that Surferosa are more pop than punk, with a sound dominated by a synthesiser and Mariann's powerful, yet seemingly glitter-and-candy-obsessed girly pink voice. Her own personality shines, and she draws no comparisons in her vocals; that said, I'd push myself to suggest the Veruca Salt pairing during fleeting moments of the chorus to "Lucky Lipstick", Lauren Laverne for the 'angrier' parts to second track "Long Lust" and the short, snappy early verses in closer "Big Bam Boom" remind me of Manda Rin on early Bis recordings. The final track confirms the 80s pop feel, especially in the extended intro, a cross between the theme to an afternoon sports show, B52s and errm, Van Halen? Perhaps. At around 2 minutes 50 in there's a short, yet effective synth-bass boom-boom-boom that is so simple I love it. Back in the mid nineties I was quite a fan of that throwaway trash-pop sound peddled by Bis, Dweeb and many more. Oh, how we rocked. Ok, so this clearly isn't anywhere near the same sound, and I sort of escaped musically unaffected from life during the early to mid 80s that would have provided me with accurate comparisons to scatter around aimlessly; however, the point is that all of these references, Surferosa included, evoke the same positive, upbeat and good humoured reaction and for me that's no bad thing.



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