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The Homeland by Bobby Conn

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Reviewed on 7th March 2004.


The Homeland

By Bobby Conn

A real mixed bag here; think maybe "I Should Coco" era Supergrass fused with funky disco, throw in some West Coast summer pop harmonies and sprinkle on some heavy rock riffage. The sum of these parts is a rather good album indeed; although, there's a real mixture and shift between styles from song to song it does retain some coherence and has a flow throughout. Opening proceedings "We Come In Peace" works nicely at hooking in the listener with its catchy harmony laden chorus. Lyrically things are quite splendid too; in "Home Sweet Home" we get "Concentration beauty camp queens, TV dating the American dream". Nice.

"Bus No. 243" has a rolling snare drum beat that propels the tune along at speed whilst Mr. Conn sings or a drunken bus ride through London at night, "Pretty girls, pretty boys with perfect hair, how do they do it on cigarettes and beer, I guess they're young, making their fun without the greed, Simple needs, a warm drunken body to finish out this night". The dark ascending/descending guitar chug of 'My Special Friend' detracts from the mostly chirpy aura that this album carries throughout, although the horns add a nice touch indeed. A fine album to get you in the mood for a party although I would imagine this is music that would give even greater pleasure in a live environment.



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On 9th March 2004 at 12:29 Anonymous 629 wrote...

What an excellent review. I'm gonna buy this now off the back of it- well done!



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