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Not A Job by Elbow

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Reviewed on 7th March 2004.


Not A Job

By Elbow

While the likes of Oasis, Travis, Stereophonics continue to produce bland, soul destroying excuses for music it has been up to the likes of Blur and Elbow to fly the flag for innovative home grown talent. I would have included Radiohead but they stopped flying the flag years ago and instead got in space ship and flew off to make music on Jupiter.

Not a Job is a contagious piece of musical workmanship. As clever as it is it hooks the listener on the first listen and then invites them back for more, each time revealing another layer of music that wasn't noticeable the last time you heard it. Thus keeping it refreshing. The blend of keyboards with the rest of the band adds a warmth to the track which can be felt all the way through and also fills in the gaps perfectly when Guy Harvey pauses to take a breath. The vocals themselves are rich and zealous but at the same time calm and soothing so that they never divert the listeners attention away from the music itself.

Many critics regarded Elbow's Cast of Thousands LP as one of the finest albums of 2003 and from this song alone it is clear to see why. 2004 may just be the year when Elbow make it big on a world wide scale.



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On 8th March 2004 at 12:27 Anonymous 883 wrote...

it's Guy Garvey, not Harvey


On 18th March 2004 at 13:07 Anonymous 1944 wrote...

bothered. anyway thom yorke does have an E



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