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Selection of 2 Lilies by Kashmir

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Reviewed on 8th March 2004.


Selection of 2 Lilies

By Kashmir

Having gone platinum with their last two albums in Denmark, Kashmir now show us what all the Danes have been getting all excited about with their UK debut in the form of a 4 track EP.

Kicking off with a track titled Rocket Brothers the first thing that strikes you about lead vocalist Kasper Eistrup is that he sounds strangely like Thom Yorke would if he went down the gym four times a week and toughened himself up. This is not last Radiohead comparison I'm going to make by the way mainly because as this beautifully crafted acoustic escapade comes to an end I always find myself expecting it to suddenly burst into Let Down from OK Computer which in some ways is disappointing as it never does. However it is still alluring and intelligent music.

This is then followed by a brisk change in direction with Melpomene which features the rumbling of drums slowly accompanied by strings and a moody electronic backdrop where the lead singer's vocals hover over the beat before the song explodes into an instantly catchy indie club dance floor filler. This proves that when they want these guys can rock like bitches.

A theme that is taken to the next level with the pleasantly titled Mom in Love (Daddy in Space) where Kashmir switch between sounding like Belgium's dEUS and then a band that would be hailed as the next great British hope if it wasn't for the fact they are Danish.

The EP is then rounded off exquisitely with Make it Grand which doesn't reach the heights of its predecessors but is still easily better than anything I've heard from the supposed big British bands that are around at the moment.

If there's any justice in the world these guys should make it big. I recommend you jump on the bandwagon now. It's going to be a exciting ride.



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On 8th March 2004 at 20:52 Anonymous 883 wrote...

'Deus' is spelled 'dEUS'!!!!
plus Thom (Yorke) doesn't have an E.



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