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The Wasting Time EP by The Holiday Plan

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Reviewed on 11th March 2004.


The Wasting Time EP

By The Holiday Plan

The amount of shouty, disjointed emo grows bigger by the day, and it ain't about to die down any time soon. Recording their debut LP with members of Thursday and Taking Back Sunday, The Holiday Plan are storming onto the emo scene with a vengeance.

Already populated with a hell of a lot of American-sounding bands who are actually from England, or Wales in Funeral For A Friend's case, THP are looking set to be the next big thing. They come with Maiden-esque leads, Hundred Reasons-ish guitars, and shouty vocals a la Jetplane Landing, with hints of anthemic rock, Band New style.

'Wasting Time' has all of that youthful energy and volume, complete with Bruce Dickinson approved guitar noodling, and 'Green Lights & Stop Signs' is another catchy slice of angular, melodic rock. With that patented how-many-time-signatures-and-guitar-riffs-can-we-include-in-this-song? Dynamic, the tunes are hardly original, but at the very least they're entertaining and in points, pretty darn cool.

EP highlight 'Stories' is a rollicking beast of a tune that could've been made by about a million different bands, but thankfully it's just different enough to single out THP as something new. Driving rhythms and again, the shouty vocals and the anthemic chorus are all present, but it all seems to fit in this track. It even includes the 'quiet/ loud' bits that are sought after by every emo band out there. Watch it storm onto MTV2's text show sometime soon.

Final track 'Black Clouds Over Hackney' is a little cliché, with the opening lines of "nobody is listening to a word we say", it rolls along at a much slower pace than the rest, obviously trying to surgically inject a bit of diversity into the EP. Chorus pedals turned to high, the song sounds more introverted than the others, sounding like an emo couple's Friday night love-in. I suppose it's a good way to finish the EP, but it's not the best track here.

Something troubles me about all this new emotional hardcore (to give it its full title) music suddenly springing up from all over the place. I hope the scene doesn't become another nu-metal and have kids everywhere wearing backward baseball caps and complaining about their parents. Besides, Emo is hardly a well-received genre in the first place, with influential website Buddy Head (www.buddyhead.com) proclaiming that the scourge of 'mall emo' grows larger by the day. That "this crap is the soundtrack for its followers who cry when they see dolphins and rainbows, and have an 'online journal'".

Maybe Fred Durst was right all along...



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