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If that's what you really want by Pete's Sake

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Reviewed on 11th March 2004.


If that's what you really want

By Pete's Sake

CD single from this Welsh 4-piece, pretty straight up SoCal sounding pop punk. Complete with American accent. I mean, come on fellas I'm sure your own accent sounds great, why put on a strained Yank accent? It doesn't make sense. Back to the tunes - first track kicks off with a nice chuggy guitar part building up into mid paced drums and bass, then into the vocals. Apart from the vocals being in the wrong accent, they're very good, strong singing, sometimes nearing shouting but all the same passionate and powerful. Chorus kicks off with an octave chord guitar harmony and hooky vocal pattern. All good stuff.

Second kicks off, same pace as the last song but with a more defined / interesting guitar riff going into bass breakdowns and some really tight stops. It shows these boys are well honed on the instrument front. Nothing groundbreaking for this genre but still enjoyable. Last song is my favourite of the lot, a quick pace and more aggressive vocal part gives it a more genuine feel (also as the yank accent isn't so prevalent as in the other two) again a hooky chorus and good vocal harmonies. To sum up good quality pop punk, nothing genre breaking or genre defining but a good sound all the same.



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