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The Day After by RSJ

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Reviewed on 11th March 2004.


The Day After


Down tuned guitars and bass - relentless drumming, raging eclectic vocals. I love this EP. First song "Glutton for Punishment" kicks off with a clean sounding guitar chord into some serious riffage. Vocal wise you get the barked / screamed approach which works well. At times the vocal style is reminiscent to Glass Jaw or Dillinger Escape Plan. Second song kicks off with some guitar harmonic trickery again into really rhythmic, even tribal, drumming. This time the vocals really get put their paces, from Mike Patton-esq midrange warbling to serious guttural retching its impressive stuff. Third song "Snort the flame". Again some sludge going on at the beginning but kicks off proper half way through with some upbeat rock. Infectious stuff. I've been listening to this nonstop and seriously I can't sit still when it's on, I wanna get into the middle of the room in my best rock pose and play some serious air guitar / drums / bass. I was fortunate enough to see this band live recently and to say they rock live is an understatement. Firstly you must go out and buy a copy of this EP and secondly you must go see RSJ live and experience some fine UK Core.



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