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Thru The Glass by Thirteen Senses

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Reviewed on 11th March 2004.


Thru The Glass

By Thirteen Senses

Well, it's a young guitar band on a major label. So let's be grateful. But not for the first time questions have to be asked about what made 'em pick this one for the big push.

I freely admit there's a Verve-like melodic turn to "Thru the Glass" and after a slightly interesting intro everything churns along in a modestly musical way. There are triumphant guitar squalls towards the end and some Travis-like vocal gentility. But boredom turns up uninvited before the final bars.

Second song "No Other Life Is Attractive" adopts a local-band songwriting template and avoids any accusation of originality or lyrical fluency, while dicing with a verdict of guilty on allegations of quite nice ringing guitar and soft-edged harmony singing. Towards the end there's a preposterous bit of guitar playing - like your Dad jamming along with his 70's record collection when your Mum's out. And Will South does sing "I keep forgetting how to write these songs". He really does. It's a shame, because Cornwall is a great place, and this is not a great record.



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