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California's Bleeding by Amen

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Reviewed on 13th March 2004.


California's Bleeding

By Amen

Casey Chaos has had a rough time these past three years. After recording Amen's third album his record label told him they would not be releasing it. If the band wanted it then they would have to pay up. But the problem for the band was that Amen would not get any money unless the record was released, hence a musical dead end. The result was that all but Casey left the band to get full time jobs and it was only thanks to System of a Down's Daron Malakian and his EatUrMusic label that Mr Chaos is not flipping burgers in McDonald's somewhere in America.

But that was then and this is now. Amen are back with a new line up, a new label and this their new single taken from their upcoming album. After going through so much hell I expected the band to sound heavier and angrier than ever before but strangely enough I can only describe California's Bleeding as the poppiest song I've heard from Amen so far. Don't worry they haven't turned into Sum 41. But compared to songs like Drive and Price Of Reality the band are a little quieter than usual. This is still in your face punk rock though, it's just slightly catchier than usual which may appeal to those people who found Amen a little too much to handle previously.

Maybe Chasey Chaos is just not as angry these days and instead just relieved to be playing music again. This could explain why I found myself for the first time humming an Amen song in the shower. Either way it's good to have them back. Here's hoping they'll put the balls back into punk rock.



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