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All the way from outer space... by Buzz Forward & Space Boy

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Reviewed on 13th March 2004.


All the way from outer space...

By Buzz Forward & Space Boy

We should all be wary of music that takes itself too seriously and is full of pomp and self-importance... there is a lot of it about. But we should be even more alert to the dangers offered by comedy music and bands that actually aim to be "humorous" for they are the true masters of wasting your time. Imagine the relish as you read that the album "is a selection of eleven original BF&SB tunes that plays almost an hour"... almost an hour! Do they really think that anyone will grant them the honour of giving up an hour of their lives for this twaddle?

With the exception of the mildly humorous Tenacious D it's hard to name a recent com/rock act (a genre name I'm patenting) that has worked. With distinctly American "if we put on funny voices it'll disguise that lack of anything actually comical" humour this, to use the appropriate term "sucks dude".

The accompanying backing is described as "Space Music" by which they mean nasty wandering soulless prog and cheap Ziggy era Bowie stabs. It's the kind of trash that middle age crusties with bad breath tell you is the real deal and you do your best to avoid... so avoid it!



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