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Dreams of Dynamite and Divinity by Deckard

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Reviewed on 13th March 2004.


Dreams of Dynamite and Divinity

By Deckard

The wonderful music industry in this country is so thorough you can totally rely that if there's a band out there you should know about they will do their utmost to work hard in ensuring the music will reach you via the airwaves, live performances and on a format affordable for your pocket! Bullshit! Yes as we all know the music industry in this country tends to consist of a tail-chasing bunch of stressed out brown nosers who wouldn't know a hit unless everyone else says it is! How do we know this? Because bands like Deckard remain unsigned. They do seem to have cracked the US market with their music being used on Friends no less, but the UK remains a wasteland.

10 songs of well written, produced and played quality from this Scottish four piece. It's actually their second album and some scrambling around (cause there's no biog!!!) reveals that you may have known the band formerly as Baby Chaos. Pulling on some classic British songwriting from the up-beat angst pop box - circa Bends era Radiohead, blending this with Foo Fighters rock-pop sensibilities and King Adora Brit punk.

There are numerous highlights and as a whole, ups the satisfaction levels. Opening track "To Your Soul" sets the tone and is followed by the amazing "We're Aching" which with its call and response chorus is hard to shake off. "Be Nobody Else" offers a more reflective moment with its chiming guitar picking. "Wired for this" has movie soundtrack written all over it with its epic driving chorus and album closer "I Dream Of Dynamite" is a blasting bass grinding end.

Having been signed to Reprise in the US it isn't hard to see why this sounds so good. The production levels far and away surpass those normally associated with unsigned bands but it makes no difference when the songs are quality. Perhaps the only criticism is that this is a slightly dated sounding record and despite its excellence now it would have been groundbreaking 10 years ago.



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