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Untitled by Cheer Up Mungo Hump and the Daddy Special

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Reviewed on 1st February 2003.



By Cheer Up Mungo Hump and the Daddy Special

'Sonic instigator' opens this CD with an infectious guitar riff, funky bassline and a vocalist that can actually sing. Up beat, with rock and bluesy influences but also quite catchy if a little repetitive. It's a good opener and shows an ability in the band to write a decent song.

The CD is quite dark in places, especially in 'Money', with its tom driven drum beats, deep, raw vocals and almost grungey guitars. The blues elements are there again, the guitar solo isn't out of place, and while not being incredibly fresh, isn't ridiculously retro. Then the last song kicks in and we have what does actually sound like an extra portion of 'Money'. I don't know if its supposed to be like this, but the two songs sound incredibly samey. Confusingly, it's a progression in the fact that it is heavier and more raw with growly vocals, but its almost the same guitar riff, the same tempo and key.

Apart from this curious development, this is quite an impressive CD and while dealing with one specific bluesy rock genre the band still manage to be very interesting if you're patient enough to listen. There are some very good ideas on display here and this band live would be a very good prospect.



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