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Confusion by The Psychedelic Breakfast

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Reviewed on 14th March 2004.



By The Psychedelic Breakfast

On this set of three studio tracks, the erstwhile Psychedelic Breakfast from Tyneside have come a long way from last year's live recording of slightly dodgy psyche-noodling and jamming.

The American psychedelic guitar band sound is much more assured and there are well defined song-like qualities for the band to open out on. A strong vocal line from Nick Grimes, with heart filling choruses carry a strong emotional charge in "Confusions". "Don't Wanna Change" has standard intro drumming followed sharply by some fabulously original-sounding guitar chord bursts that redeem everything. All of a sudden the song charges off with Doobie Brothers' frenzy in a very 2004 styling. There's plenty of sweet guitar playing and all of it goes somewhere that's worth the trip, the entry charge and the dazed journey home as well. Splendid. The Blueskins had better stop what they're doing and have a right good listen to this stuff before they finish their album.

"Where Has My Sweet Love Gone" is even more down home good ol' backbeat rock and roll. Two voices sing and guitars call and respond in a great display of fluency and natural joy. If you're going to sing about snake skin belts - then this is how you need to do it. If you're going to make the Fender Stratocaster an object of worship again, then this is the way to get the cult started. Even the wah wah pedal gets done right. There's no irony: there's no clumsy pastiche. It's just good. And ... it rocks.



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On 14th March 2004 at 20:59 Anonymous 13 wrote...

A bit of name confusion here .. the promo CD has "The Breakfast (AKA The Psychedlic Breakfast)" on it. The problem, I guess, arises from the existence of a US band called "The Psychedelic Breakfast"


On 14th March 2004 at 21:07 Dave LMS wrote...

Yeah. Although their website was always thebreakfast.co.uk since day one, and it still says The Psychedelic Breakfast as the band name when you open the page up. All the while they did gigs as The Psychedelic Breakfast. As everything else on this particular site is under The Psychedelic Breakfast, seems to me easier to keep it all together... ?


On 14th March 2004 at 21:14 Anonymous 13 wrote...

sounds good to me



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