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California 4 Play by Model 13

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Reviewed on 1st August 2001.


California 4 Play

By Model 13

Model 13's "California 4 Play EP" has now been placed in music collections in over 1,000 households, due to some clever band marketing, and is blatant melodic-punk in a Blink 182 style. Distorted guitars, harmonies and that stereotypical lead guitar and vocal style that defines almost every single Americanised pop punk 182-wannabe band.

Having enjoyed the song live, I jumped straight to the bonus track "My Mum Joined The KKK". Surely that should say "My Mom..."

This is my favourite track, featuring Tappa on vocals instead of his normal role on drums - and it's his vocals that make me prefer this song. Whilst the usual vocalist, Kia, is in tune and not that bad a vocalist, I couldn't get to grips with his overall delivery - somehow, it just sounded out of place at times - whereas I could easily relate to Tappa.

The four tracks preceding this one are all good, and as the kids live off this sound, Model 13 record well and could progress. There's a lot of fun in their sound, a livelier edge, but it's still very raw and needs work.



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