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Easy Way Out by Saving Lenny

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Reviewed on 1st February 2003.


Easy Way Out

By Saving Lenny

Ska Punk is one of those phrases that fails to describe the music of Saving Lenny. They have primitive songs (punk-ish) and occasional spurts of up-beat horns (sort of ska-ish nearly). But overall the main impression I get from this CD is a set of musical beginners having a good time, using whatever musical ideas are close at hand. Fair enough.

There's enthusiasm and good humour in bucketfuls in the 18 minutes 15 seconds of this four track EP. "Dead and Breakfast" could be the Bonzo Dog Band from the 1960s pretending to be a "Rock" band with a goofy sax and a crazy sense of graveyard humour. Keith Moon drops in on the session, dressed as Hitler in drag, just to put the drummer off. "Spit/Swallow" is racy and distinct, with some good call and response phrases on a variety of saxophone like objects. Some Kinks "All Day and All of the Night" chords burst in early on for a chorus and then disappear for no obvious reason. But they are fun.

"Slacker" has a silly guitar intro (and horrid solo) and some weekly depressed lyrics that fail to inspire the horns to much more than bleating. The tempo lags and falters inexpertly. "It's too hard to find the easy way out / I guess I'm a slacker but hey, that's what I'm about" is a bit sluggish.

"Sammy" kicks off with more distorted-to-death guitar and goes off into a sort of punk overdrive mode after a couple of the lads have sung enough to show why Katie gets the mike. Then off it races with regulation tempo leaps, in and out of fast and furious dancetime. It has a clumsy over-ambitiouus charm that I really like. But I have to be honest and tell you that it is a bit of a cut and paste nightmare. It throws in a nice bit of disrespectful dubbed up Jamaica (ishness) towards the end.

So repackage with Spit/Swallow, get the drums and bass locked together in the practice room for 100 hours community service, drop the slow song and come out with a big grin and loads of cheek. It will do very well and bring much joy to adequately pissed up live audiences.



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