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Shatterproof is not a Challenge by Hundred Reasons

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Reviewed on 17th March 2004.


Shatterproof is not a Challenge

By Hundred Reasons

A British rock band that sound British? What? How novel! Failing to be swayed by the influx of rock acts at the moment that seem unable to retain any sense of their own accent Colin Doran sings and screams his way through this second album in a most definitely British voice, in much the way Gary Stringer of Reef has always done. So already scoring points for having one of the finest British rock voices for some time Hundred Reasons keep on taking full marks with some excellent music. The band have a definite sense of melody and no matter how hard they rock, how distorted the guitars get or how hard those drums thump it's always only in support of the superb vocals. Latest single 'What You Get' has a nice rhythm to it whilst 'Harmony' breaks out into a breakneck chorus with a killer middle 8. 'Lullaby' has a guitar line that wins you over in the intro and the song just carries on getter and better, surely earmarked as a single this is simply superb. The whole album is. It's a very strong collection of songs that could well earn itself 'Classic Album' status. There's not a bad moment here, never a mind a bad song. This is an album you should own, it sounds great, the performances are first class and the songs are even better than that. Essential.



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On 6th June 2004 at 11:48 Anonymous 2671 wrote...

You serious? 5 stars for hundred reasons?!


On 6th June 2004 at 12:03 Anonymous 2671 wrote...

I know the first album got loads of high ratings but i wasn't that impressed. Respect to them for keeping to the "British" sound and not playing crappy american nu-metal and singing with american accents like welsh muppets the lost prophets



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