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Reviewed on 23rd March 2004.



By The Parnell Deception

According to the press release The Parnell Deception are "often described as Tool thrown into a melting pot with Radiohead". Now I'm a big fan of Radiohead and an even bigger fan of rock giants Tool so I was expecting good things this Colchester based three piece's EP.

However after listening to the CD I came to the conclusion that the band need to change their press release, here's my suggestion:

"Tonight Matthew we are going to be anything but Tool and Radiohead."

Fearless is the first track off the EP and after a promising 4 second intro the band take on their first role as sounding like the bastard son of One Minute Silence and Lost Prophets. The result is so dull and generic that it could be from any nu-metal band over the last five years. The lead singer who actually has a half decent voice then decides that he wants to scream. A lesson for a budding rock singers out there. If you've got the voice for it then it'll enhance your music; if you haven't you'll just sound like Jess from Sugar Coma (I can't believe I made a reference to Sugar Coma).

The second track sees the band continue to over use the "big riff followed by a pause" theme which became far too annoying on the first track. Now and then the band show some signs of promise. Guillotine is the best of a bad bunch. Slow build ups with a rather memorable and moving chorus which seems to show that when the band aren't trying to emulate somebody else they can be quiet good. But as soon as you think that business is going to pick up the EP is ended with yet another unmemorable track which passes by unnoticed and sways far to near Nickleback at times.



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