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Week In, Week Out by The Ordinary Boys

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Reviewed on 18th April 2004.


Week In, Week Out

By The Ordinary Boys

Here's yet another over hyped band from the NME school of how to rock. It's very strange how exciting "new" bands these days seem to be ripping off old bands. This time it's the turn of The Jam and The Kinks to get the tribute act treatment.

It's a nice enough song, the usual catchy chorus where the song title is mentioned. "Week In, Week Out" the lead singer yelps, and after a while you may catch yourself singing the same thing to yourself whether it be in your car or on your way to buying the new issue of Q. This is the kind of music you do not have to think about, there are no hidden depths to the song and the lyrics themselves aren't open to interpretation. The Ordinary Boys are one of the few bands I've heard of whose name gives a perfect description of their music.

Fans of The Libertines, The Strokes, The Cribs or any band with "The" in the name may get some musical pleasure out of this.



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