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Reviewed on 20th April 2004.



By Kubrick

Anyone who remembers 90s indie rockers Midget will know of Richard Gombault, and obviously this, his new project. Most definitely not indie or anything that the name Midget would entail, Kubrick are loud, heavy and really rather melodic.

'How To Lose Friends & Alienate People' is the first track here, and is five or so minutes of soaring guitar thrashing, delicious melodies and fuzzed up, tuned down guitar. According to their press release, they cite Kyuss, The Pixies, Nine Inch Nails, Faith No More and The Cure as influences, and on this first track, it's evident that these guys know melody and a good tune when they hear it. Plus excellent production also.

'Head Under Water' continues the trend, with harsh guitar riffs and stop-start rhythms. There are some weird synth noises circulating around, and it really feels out of place, especially with a chorus as catchy and melodic as this one. If they get rid of the 'so close to being nu-metal' dynamic, their penchant for screaming and unrelated bursts of synth, they will have cracked it once and for all.

'Reach Out' sounds like Feeder if they took 'Polythene' and ran with it, with its hard riffage, yet melodic chorus and its great singing. With the main riff sounding Queens of The Stone Age-esque, it really gives the EP some diversity. But less of the screaming, please!

'Breathing Space' sounds more Evanescence than anything else, with its pumping beat, processed-to-fuck guitars and again, its screaming. Thankfully, it picks up at the chorus and saunters at a steady pace, recalling the most melodic moments of say, Jimmy Eat World, etc. But then the nu-metal bit comes back in and to an extent, ruins a really good idea. Still, it's catchy and well produced.

"We want to remind people of all the things they loved about heavy, melodic music that nu-metal caused them to forget," says Richard, and if this CD is anything to go by, then they can surely go on and do just that.



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