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Hardest Battles Fought EP by The Beat Poet

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Reviewed on 21st April 2004.


Hardest Battles Fought EP

By The Beat Poet

Usually when a band has an unbelievably pretentious press release then 9 out of 10 times the music will be utterly pants. Luckily with the Beat Poet this is not the case.

In the same vein as Tool these take their songs and the listener off onto a musical journey and bring them back almost full circle, breathless and lost for words.

The only problem the Beat Poet have is that they sometimes struggle to finish the songs in a satisfying way. It's like they are trying to drive to Morley but keep ending up in Wakefield. It's close but not close enough. The result is that the songs sometimes drag on without going anywhere really interesting, as if the band are not sure which way to turn next.

The EP kicks off with lead singer and principle song writer Ben Wolland's vocals hovering gently as the rest of the band build up the musical tension often seen in many Mogwai or Sigur Ros songs. With these bands though this culminates into an inspiring moment of musical genius which results in the listener's spine tingling. The Beat Poet however take the route of sounding like Sparta with Kyuss's John Garcia on vocals. This is in no way a band move it's just very unexpected and seems to be the direction the band take over the next 3 songs and 1 skit. Instead of going for moments of beauty they opt for moments of pure rock.

With this being only 3 songs it's impressive enough and I do still get the urge to go back and have another listen. This is musical experimentation in its infancy but if this is only the start then the band have a very bright and exciting future ahead of them.



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On 22nd April 2004 at 00:25 Anonymous 2423 wrote...

cheers for that. you guys are much more on the ball than manchestermusic.co.uk. I'll let john know his band biog is utterly pretentious. Good stuff thanks.


On 27th April 2004 at 15:28 Anonymous 1944 wrote...

don't worry i've seen worse biogs



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