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Acid Folk by Zaam

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Reviewed on 22nd April 2004.


Acid Folk

By Zaam

The Pocket Gods seem to get everywhere at the minute and here is Mark Riley of said outfit, again cropping up co-writing and producing the strange sounds of Zaam. Maybe Mr Riley should have concentrated on his Pocket Gods career and not collaborated with D'hooge on this collection. Not for a good while has such a criminal waste of time been so earnestly committed to record. Alternative, abstract, avant garde, arse! Acid Folk the collection and song for that matter, is left-field and inventive, but one of the often forgotten rules of being creative is the separation of wheat from chaff.

To their credit Zaam don't limit their imaginations but even pure art must retain some modicum of its audiences interest and with track lengths averaging 10 minutes plus is there really enough time in the day to waste on this?



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