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Penumbra by Devolution

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Reviewed on 22nd April 2004.



By Devolution

An EP named after the fifth Thunder Cat "Penumbra", no only kidding but ready yourself for some superior metal clichés and stereotypical offerings. It's true you should never judge a book (or CD) by its cover but warning signs are triggered when the bands logo is a rather unimaginative rip off of The Matrix type-face... "yeah but it's like the best film ever man".

Only funk as a genre is responsible for more regurgitation than M*E*T*A*L grrrr! But then only in such circumstances could you get away with rhyming "Infinity" with "Supernaturally" with "Unknown to me" via a big throaty growl. There's plenty of double drum pedal action, thwuga-thwuga-weeeii guitars and lots of "wooaarrr" and "gnnnooaar" vocals in suitable doses. No doubt Devolution's record collection contains plenty of Metallica and early Faith No More, not to mention one or two heavier ends of the spectrum. Opener "World of Unknown" is the strongest of its type i.e. all balls out to Rocksville, but any creativity is really only demonstrated via closer "Imperfect Endings" where the lessons in "heavy" are abandoned in place of some melody.

10 years ago this would have been just as original as it is today and the new challenges are few and far between, but the kids want to hear it and the kids want to play it so who are we to argue?



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