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Up & Atom by The 8-Bit Revival

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Reviewed on 25th April 2004.


Up & Atom

By The 8-Bit Revival

There is definitely some talent amidst the over fussy compositions on offer from Ohio's The 8-bit Revival - it mainly lies in their ability to incorporate some singularly driving and exhilarating guitar moments into their work, which if presented properly would surely propel this four song offering right up the in the reckoning stakes. What holds it all back is a severe case of longsongitis! Opener "headlights" as with all the tracks, shows promise but it could be easily cut down from its unwieldy 4 mins 50 to a much easier to digest 3.

There's a multitude of middle-America influences and Dinosaur JR, Mudhoney, even Pavement all play a part in mixing with some more contemporary sounds. The slacker off-key vocals are a little weary, at their best reminding of Anglo equivalents Seafood, at worst they are the guitarist who offered to do it until they find someone permanent. The lyrics don't help either, pulling on a variety of "haven't we been here before" quotes... no one really "feels surreal" that often do they?

Closer "1509" is the sharpest tool in the box with yet another demonstration of fine guitar prowess. Some song composition lessons and a singer who wants to sing will truly see an 8-bit revival!



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