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Bad Hair Day by Blowback

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Reviewed on 1st July 2000.


Bad Hair Day

By Blowback

Knowing very little about the band Blowback, the CD went straight on and instantly I was given the (good) impression that the CD was going to kick ass, an American lo-fi sub-pop post-punk and seriously rocking affair, from the guitar intro to the introduction of drums and bass - then the vocals kicked in, the tempo lowered and I thought "Hmmmmm". So I listened again, and again, and now I can honestly say I like it.

Whether the demo will get the same respect from an A&R rep I don't know, I doubt it, you usually need to get their attention first time, and straight away. The intro certainly does this, but .... ah well, as I have the luxury of being able to take my time I can say that this is certainly a CD that will grow on you.

Desperate Dan follows, with the similar method of using a tempo-increasing guitar intro. Though this track is slightly more alternative in nature musically, the vocal style remains pretty on-the-same-track as Bad Hair Day, which then leads us into the third track, which along with the opening track is probably one of my favourites. Are You Missing Me is a typical, bounce-along rock song, interesting enough to be alternative, catchy enough to be memorable.

If I have to say anything untoward about Blowback, I'd have to say that the vocals sometimes drift off into insignificance, with very little variety, the up-shot being however that it doesn't seem to really matter, with the music taking over and being good enough to make every song have a certain "grip" on your attention.

The CD closes off with the delicate intro of It's You. This is vocally very different, and musically very different. Is this the same band? Ahhh, yes it is ... a slight pause and the track kicks off into another pogo-tastic song. A nice end to a well produced CD.



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