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Godhopping by Dogs Die In Hot Cars

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Reviewed on 26th April 2004.



By Dogs Die In Hot Cars

Uh oh. The NME strikes again. This week, they are proclaiming that DDIHC are "one of the most exciting new bands in the UK". It's a wonder why anyone still reads it to be honest, because they say that about everyone they review. Maybe the guy doing the single reviews got lazy and started copying and pasting the same comment on everything, who knows. This then, arrives in my CD player already tainted with the fact that the NME gives them quotes like that.

Their enthusiastic abandon aside, this single ain't that bad after all. To level with you, I hated this at first, but it's kinda growing on me. I hate when things do that. The bouncy piano riffs and the high speed vocals are guaranteed to stay with you for most of the day, buzzing around in your head. Bastards - I hate when that happens too.

It's lively and insanely catchy, so out of all the things the NME declares the greatest thing since The Beatles, it's not that terrible. Hey, they aren't Jet at least.

The B-side sounds just like the opening theme to something like 'The Crystal Maze' or 'The Krypton Factor', which is odd, because I grew up loving those programs. 'Who Shot The Baby?' really is the best theme tune to a show that was never made. Upbeat and irritatingly melodic, it's a good enough introduction to the band.

In fact, the start to 'Godhopping' sounds like the theme to 'Magnum PI' or something, so anything which reminds me of Tom Selleck and his moustache is OK by me. Looks like the NME are (finally) starting to make some sense. They're not the most exciting band in the UK, but at least Dogs Die In Hot Cars are somewhere approaching original.



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On 30th April 2004 at 16:26 Anonymous 904 wrote...

I have the 'Treasure Hunt' theme in my head now!!!



On 9th July 2004 at 22:38 Anonymous 1457 wrote...





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