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Tanjras by Broken (NY)

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Reviewed on 26th April 2004.



By Broken (NY)

If anyone's guilty of throwing the term "sounds like Tool" around, then it's me, and maybe Simon Glacken, but in this case, Broken have obviously been studying their copies of 'Lateralus' and 'Aenima'.

Leafing through the lyric sheet and the picture included in the press release, it's obvious to see that Broken don't quite know what they are. The lead singer has goth-esque mascara on, yet the rest of the band look like the parents of the guys in Linkin Park. It's an odd combination, and with their none-more-goth lyrics ("Beneath the shroud, I saw envy"), they seem to be struggling to find an identity. Or maybe this is a brand new genre that Broken have made - Goth Prog Metal.

While the lead singer yelps and howls like Maynard does, he can't quite reach the absolute god like status of Mr Keenan. That's not to say that this CD isn't enjoyable, because it is. Tracks like 'On All Fours', 'The Root' and 'Prana' rock, and hard. They've got the complex drumming, the piercing guitar and the soaring vocals. They stay under the five minute mark too, which is something that Tool do very little of. However, whilst they manage to rock, they never quite live up to expectation.

'Hyacinth' is the best of the bunch here, starting all quiet and sounding like there's about ten tons of reverb on every instrument. Then with the squealing leads and the heavy drumming, the track takes on a new dimension. That's more like it.

With metal seeming to have lost its direction since nu-metal / rap metal / whatever you want to call it, died a slow and painful death, it's interesting to see a band like Broken and where they fit in. And whilst the goth pretensions seem to weigh them down, they always make up for it with some exciting dynamics and hard, heavy tunes. The one bad point, obviously being, there can only be one Tool, and that's Tool.



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On 26th April 2004 at 21:06 Anonymous 1944 wrote...

That's twice you've name checked me. I hope you arn't expecting the same from me.



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