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Fire In The City by Infrasound

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Reviewed on 28th April 2004.


Fire In The City

By Infrasound

If this had been a demo from an unsigned band with slightly rusty production, then this review would be simple - lack of imagination, too much time spent listening to "Definitely Maybe", too much time spent going to the Richard Ashcroft school of stage performing, completely tired lyrics about beginners politics and being hard... you get the picture. As it is Infrasound now have a deal with EMI subsid Versity and the talents of a producer with some sharper ideas have been deployed to stop this sounding like the aforementioned wash of guitar plodding sh*te. For a couple of brief moments they actually manage it as well, but those early 90's postures are never far away.

"Fire in the city" is a reasonable impression of a single, big guitars and stomp chorus but it is low on the memorable and originality scales. B-side "Target Sports" is a song... which is about as imaginative a description as is warranted. Ironically it is on 60ft Dolls inspired demo "We Go On" that the band show some reason as to why they are making a living from their wares.

Accepted garage rock is on its way out, "Angular" is already approaching its limit, but this stuff is ancient history and although there are still several 1000 Burberry clad chavs prepared to hold their arms a loft to "Don't Look Back In Anger" the sensible ones know to keep their wallets in their pockets.



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On 1st May 2004 at 18:00 Anonymous 1944 wrote...

Nice chav reference. I managed to get one in my live review of the von bondies. www.chavscum.co.uk



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