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Sing for Absolution by Muse

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Reviewed on 5th May 2004.


Sing for Absolution

By Muse

The UK's premier futuristic, space aged, intergalactic rockers provide us with another taster from their acclaimed number one album "Absolution".

Slower then previous offerings such as "Time Is Running Out" this takes time to get going but once the guitars kick in it's like a jet engine blowing in your face minus the horrific burning and scarring of course.

It has the usual tinkling of the ivories in the background and would easily have nestled in comfortably somewhere in Stanley Kubrick's 2001: Space Odyssey. I'm sure it'll make it on to the sound track when Hollywood decide to do a remake.



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On 6th May 2004 at 09:56 Anonymous 30 wrote...

Does everyone love Muse on this site? All I read are reviews with "Matt Bellamy style vocals..." and "Muse style guitars..." surely there are not that many emulating them? Personally I think they've had a few interesting singles but there's been nothing that has forced my hand in to my wallet to actually purchase! - Discuss


On 6th May 2004 at 10:49 Anonymous 251 wrote...

Yeah I saw em at The Duchess years ago and they were good but Soulwax kicked their arse. Matt Bellamy seemed to go into arsehole mode for a bit but they have churned out a few decent songs of late. Good but not great. Another Radiohead comparison then.


On 6th May 2004 at 13:05 Anonymous 883 wrote...

hell yeah Soulwax rocked. They're coming back this year y'know


On 6th May 2004 at 13:20 Anonymous 1944 wrote...

there's a lot of demos coming in from local bands with frontmen trying to wail like mr bellamy. Sadly very few have the girl like vocal chords to pull it off.


On 6th May 2004 at 14:05 Anonymous 251 wrote...

Yes, ace news on the Wax front. Can't wait to see those flashing mic stands again! Whats happened to Brassy too with their record scratching drummer?


On 6th May 2004 at 21:10 Anonymous 883 wrote...

ahhh Brassy- now they were cool. the dj drummer dude was ace.


On 10th May 2004 at 09:54 Anonymous 30 wrote...

My mate built there website and another friend produced some tracks for them....trust me they were never "cool", they may have sounded ok but as people they were particularly un-cool


On 10th May 2004 at 13:50 Anonymous 251 wrote...




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