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Shanghai My Heart by Surferosa

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Reviewed on 8th May 2004.


Shanghai My Heart

By Surferosa

Some music genres never die. The recent wave of highly polished new wave music a la Stellastarr, The Killers, and even Fountains of Wayne is looking to get even bigger, especially with this neon nugget set to blow the charts skyward.

Sounding like Zoot Woman if they had their amps turned up to 11, Surferosa pack a punch that's as delicious as a Haribo sandwich. Needless to say, it's catchy, sugary sweet and very definitely in your face. With influences everywhere from the high-octane synth pop of Devo to the catchy, straight-laced guitar rock of say, Blondie circa 'Parallel Lines', Surferosa are here for your love.

I was so sure that this was a side project or even the new band name of grrrl rockers Sahara Hotnights (them who toured with the Hives on their triumphant first jaunt around the UK after they blew up) that I was already picturing their faces recording it. They're even Scandinavian to boot.

Album highlights you say? There are none, the album jets along at about a zillion miles an hour with its dancefloor beats, its scuzzy guitar and its shiny shiny synth. Although try not to all at once laugh and dance around the house when 'Bim Bam Boom' comes on. The singles 'Lucky Lipstick' and 'Neon Commando' sound like an 80s new wave band should, with their blazing guitars and breakneck beats. 'German Socks' will leave you wondering what the hell the past 3 minutes was, and 'Digital Audio- Work Situation' is just that - digital punk. Yeah, you heard me; I just created a new genre.

Anyone thinking that this album has anything to do with the Pixies has to think again after hearing this. It's a brilliantly up-tempo, upbeat and just fucking ace rock album. Whilst they may not be doing anything mind blowingly original, I defy you to not sing along or nod your head in agreement with this record. It's fun. Something's that's been lacking in the music industry of late (and no, The Darkness are not fun, nor are they clever).



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