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Pink Gorilla EP by Aarkle Hooman

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Reviewed on 11th May 2004.


Pink Gorilla EP

By Aarkle Hooman

The Pink Gorilla EP is the dazzling debut from the bizarrely named Aarkle Hooman. An upbeat electro pop rock duo who were once a full band but then felt that they sounded better as a keyboard/guitar combo.

These guys can be described as the electronic equivalent of the White Stripes. That is to say that there are two of them and the drumming is hardly amazing.

But also like the White Stripes these boys have the songs as well. Clearly evident in the rip roaring chorus of Pink Gorilla which is a phenomenal example of quality rock and roll set to a dance like beat courtesy of a Roland synth. Then, cleverly the song turns to a stadium rock style which makes two people sound like a AC/DC. It's these clever twists and turns in each song that make Aarkle Hooman something very special and refreshing indeed.

Lines Across The T.V Screen is another example of how their simple style of music making allows for the truly great melodies to shine through. There's no fancy effects or production. It's just great, minimalistic, catchy as hell, pop rock. Also with great lines like, "Pacman died when I was five/well the craze did" the duo show their ability to not only pen a good tune but also produce some top grade lyrics.

The third and final track is Heat Waves, a mix of chugging riffs, wailing guitars all backed up by a military marching band like beat. But like with the previous songs it's turned on its head when it flips into 70s styled disco before coming full circle again providing a conclusion of audio ecstasy.

Aarkle Hooman, great name, great music.



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On 14th May 2004 at 20:56 Anonymous 2563 wrote...

I'm in total agrrement with those comments. I've had the opportunity to listen to a few songs from Aarkle Hooman and all are as varied and charismatic as those on the EP. I think its fair to say that if you tried to search for the influence that makes aarkle hooman you'd get lost in a mirage of the some of the greatest sounds of this generation. The band are so distinct and creative that I guarentee that in the not too distant future, new bands will be quoting Aarkle Hooman as the guiding light behind their music.


On 6th June 2004 at 20:53 Anonymous 1944 wrote...

They've entered the future sound competition so could win a place at leeds/reading festival


On 6th June 2004 at 21:17 Dave LMS wrote...

But why or how did they enter? Doesn't their site say they are from Peterborough or something. Futuresound is for West Yorkshire bands only. Or at AH a local band, and I'm just confused.


On 6th June 2004 at 21:27 Anonymous 1944 wrote...

I took this from www.aarklehooman.com "We 're rehearsing a face melting 8 song set as we speak and are hopeful that we will be accepeted in the Futuresound 2004 heats at the Cockpit 21st - 27th or 28th July."

They are also playing Jospeh's Well on 6th Aug.


On 20th June 2004 at 21:11 Anonymous 2751 wrote...

Hi Simon/Dave Paul ere from Aarkle Hooman>> 1. we didn't manage to get in to heats this time, but we are still working towards August for our first leeds gigs. Goin frikin great we're enjoyin it ..we have a 8 song set which is roughly 30mins of sweat. Err to clear up ont' YorkshA bit Dave .I was born n'bread in Halifax lived and worked in yeadon until 3 years ago when I moved out to Peterborough. But after settin up our act with Tim we decided Headingley was the best place to start. Tim (GTR PROG)did uni in leeds.
Sod London let em' come see us where it's actualy happening eh?!

hope to see you at gigs chaps thanks for the interest

Paul n Tim


On 21st October 2004 at 13:15 Anonymous 1944 wrote...

Anyone know what happened to these guys. They seem to have vanished


On 15th November 2004 at 18:00 Anonymous 3541 wrote...

Hi Simon,
Paul here. I really appreciate your passion for what we did. Tim and I have split due to distance. We tried hard to make it work travelling to rehearse but it wasn't the same. I may continue solo and tim has offered to do backing arrangement to my accoustic. I'm also toying with idea of sampled insect beats London museum archived and laying these under accoustic gtr and vox ( like moby in reverse!?) what dya think my old freind simon. We never met - Id really like to meet you sometime and give you the tape of all our songs. ps. So so Sad about John Peel isn't it.


On 4th December 2004 at 21:03 Anonymous 1944 wrote...

Well i'm in nottingham most of the time now trying to finish my degree but will be back over here once its all over. Visit www.johnnypoindexter.co.uk if you want to see what i'm upto



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